a place where your purchase has a greater purpose!

After 12 years in Fullerton, the Zion Thrift Store is moving due to the sale of the building where it has been located. The new building owners are targeting a move in date, estimated to be March 10th.

We have been blessed for these past 12 years who seeded the Thrift Store Ministry by gifting the lease at below market rates! Thank you!

We give praise to our Lord for our successful Thrift Store Ministry and the outpouring of its blessings well beyond Zion Lutheran Church and Schools.

We ask for prayers for a retail location to be quickly found meeting the Thrift Store criteria at a good rate.

We give Thanksgiving for this new chapter in furthering Zion's contribution to our Lords Kingdom on earth.

Please contact our team (listed below) of possible empty retail locations that have the following: 6700 sq ft, close to Zion, within Orange County, adequate parking and room for donation drop off.

Sheryl Wood - savyshayreel@att.net