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June 1, 2020                ECEC reopens on Monday 1, 2020 as an Essential Care                                           Center

July 1, 2020                  ECEC Summer Program Begins

July 3, 2020                 ECEC Closed for July 4th


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June 19, 2020

June 26, 2020

July 2, 2020

July 10, 2020



Distance Learning will be provided for free to all our ECEC students who would like to participate. The teachers have been missing your child/ren and are eager to have some face-to-face time with them. Please be patient as we are all new at this and I am sure many areas will need tweaking. Yes, all 2-5 year old are welcome to join in our ECEC distance learning.  Contact  Mrs. Knapp for complete details. 


The ECEC will reopen on Monday, June 1, 2020, as an Essential Care Center serving essential worker children only. If you are in need of child care and qualify, please contact Mrs. Lori via email lknapp@zionanaheim.org


As of this date, licensing and the governor of CA will allow us to reopen to everyone on July 1, 2020!!  Summer Program will start July 1, 2020.